Peak - Brain Training 应用的评论



There are too much stuff that cost money

Definitely notice a difference

After using it daily for a couple of months I noticed a difference. I had an easier time remembering things and my brain just felt sharper than it had in before.


Not only at the start of your session you should the option to be able to change a game at any time. Also if you get stuck on a puzzle or a particular part of a game you should be able to bypass to the next one.

Pay to play.

You only get like 5 games before they’re already hounding you for money.

Pick this game

If you’re going to have a game on your phone it should be this one. It’s fun, beautifully designed, and you feel like brain really is improving

Use to be fun

Every game comes with a video ad now. Deleted this game... too bad.

Great way to start my day.

Gets your brain going!


Best app ever

Challenging Fun

I look forward to playing to see where my challenges are enjoy the fun of growing where needed.


The games are fair. The scoring is random. Touch accuracy is missing on many games, causing inaccurate scores.


Someone who really likes to learn in there free time like me would love this game. I'm going to middle school next year and I'm nervous and this app is helping me with my emotions, strategys, and over all education, this app doesn't make write essays or read a book but it makes be active and actually have fun learning, this app is really helpful and I'm very thankful I found it!! Good job making this app developers!!


I love Peak. I use this app everyday, and I am never tired of waiting for anyone because I’m enjoying myself. I’m always the calmest one in the doctor’s office.


Magnifica App, retadora y adictiva. Se observa el progreso cada día de juego.


Was looking forward to playing this game, but find it a bit dubious that they REQUIRE full name and full date of birth to play. Providing an age should be sufficient without giving specific personal details that could be used in illegitimate ways. No thanks, not worth the risk.


This seemed like an awesome fun app to test your brain! However, there is little you can do within the free version of the app. You must upgrade to the “Pro” version before you can unlock a majority of the games and tests. This is a subscription- either charges monthly or yearly. Not what was advertised, severely disappointed.


For the free version, it’s fun! You get a lot of games without having to pay. This is a great way to see how smart you are and to have fun at the same time. I recommend this app!!


I think that peak is a great app for my moms and brain. But the thing is that you have to pay for almost everything. I personally think that in the next update they shouldn’t make me pay to upgrade to pro. Overall this app “Peak”is a good app

Great idea if it worked

The games are great, but when a part doesn’t work, you cannot move forward, AKA The Pixel Logistics. So glad I never paid for this Apps, cause now I’m deleting you.


I get a bit frustrated when playing this game because it will switch the cards when u are on a roll. It forces you to slow down because if you go to fast and it switches you automatically get a strike. I don’t think it’s very fair at all and there should be a 3 beep warning or something before the swap so you don’t have to slow down your speed. The problem solving section consists mostly of math. I don’t think this is a fair way to rate someone’s problem solving. I think there should be more puzzles like SLIDER PUZZLE, CASTLE BLOCKS and PIXEL LOGIC. Make a math section if that is a skill that should be measured. The emotion games are a bit frustrating too. I feel there should be a few more games developed in that category. I still love the app and 90% of the games are fun and addicting. Jus some small adjustments and minor improvements would give it 5 stars.


Some of these games are unfair.

Fun for young

I can burn a bunch of time playing some of these exercises. However some of them have small low contrast interface items which make it a challenge to do some of the exercises for those with older eyes.

Severely Disappointed

This app parades as a free to play helper to increase all these things that are not usually tested in daily life but in all reality, it does an assessment and them bars you (unless you subscribe to their monthly payment of $2.92) from playing all but 4 games and even then you only get a limited number of “replays”. Very underwhelming and disappointing.

Horrible complete BS

This app is a scam and if anyone knows how to report it ,please do. No one should be robbed of $35. It says monthly fee but it charges all at once and there is no way to cancel subscriptions. Its horrible and barely challenging. Please don't waste your time and money on this app.

Are you kidding me?

Why do I have to waste my money on some game. I could download a free one. I’m not using my money on some dumb app. I mean, if you don’t pay, you can’t play any games! It’s insane! It’s a really dumb idea to do this. Yeah, lots of games ask you to pay to do all the games, but if you don’t wanna spend money, they’ll let you play some games at least. I tried playing at least one game, none worked! I can’t play unless I spend my money! It’s ridiculous. Unless you’re stupid enough to spend your money, this game is ironic. It should be called “The App That You Gotta Pay To Play At Least One Thing!” Just... maybe a little shorter, but not the point. I recommend this game to people that are millionaires. Not you? Then don’t be a moron, get another app. 1 star.

It’s fun but unless you pay for the pro version it’s short lived

You can only play five pre selected games ONCE every day. Which is still fun. The games are good but once you play it you won’t be on the app for 24 hours.

Restoring Pro problems

I decided to try upgrading to Pro so I bought the monthly subscription. I had no issues buying it, but it said that you can cancel it in settings. I didn’t really want the subscription for the next month so I tried clicking “restore purchase” assuming that it would pull up a page about restoring the purchase since it had a little arrow. Instead, it actually restored my purchase every time I clicked it. What bothers me is how when I was buying the subscription, it said to turn off the auto subscription in settings, but there was no option when I looked. Also, a while after I upgraded, I didn’t have the daily workout option. In the description of what you get when you upgrade, it says you get to unlock the last two games. Without the daily workout, I didn’t get those games unlocked. I know I could’ve just play any game I wanted while upgraded, but it was just something that I wasn’t supposed to happen.


The app is phenomenal, but the only way to subscribe for the Pro is in one sum payment per year. I’d have spent the money if I could do a monthly payment, or even a 3 month payment, because of the flexibility. Now, I won’t spend a dime because I don’t want to do a full year plan all at once. Only flaw I’ve found with the app, but a big one at that.

Simple yet challenging

Fun easy to learn exercises that can still throw a quick curve. The add-on packs should be included with a pro membership and available for purchase to basic users, maybe also offer individual game unlocks as well.

I didn’t know you have to pay money to play it all the time.

Like I was saying I thought it would be a fun game to train your brain, but what I didn’t know is that you had to pay money to play the game all the time. This really got me frustrated because I wanted to replay the game and see if I could get a better score, Instead I can’t and they want me to pay money for pro. I really thought this would be the game that did do this because I really liked it. I’m a little sad that it had to come to me deleting the game.

Not that great...

Most of the games are actually geared towards brain training and such... but some really aren’t. The problem is on object find games when you’re expected to know what the object looks like to find it. If a “drum kit” isn’t a picture of a snare drum, then what is? They also have games that discriminate against hearing loss instructing a higher score by listening to the change in sounds. Well, that would mean deaf people aren’t as smart because they can’t hear the sound and react faster? Frankly, play on the free side. Don’t waste your money on a subscription.

Fun brain games

I’ve only had this game for a 4 days now but I’ve enjoyed it thus far. I set a reminder to play everyday & it only takes a few minutes to complete the daily “workout” which is cool. I just paid for 1 month & if I stay consistent with it / still like it as much as I do now then I think I’ll get Pro for a year.


I love the game peak its so fun and it helps me learn more but there is just 1 thing you can barely do anything without peak pro please update your app so that people can do more stuff Without peak pro I just think it would help a lot thank you for reading my review

Good Brain workout

I love the game. Nice variety of exercises. And some are quite challenging, in a good way. It would be one I’d consider buying, but it’s not an outright purchase. It a monthly subscription and that adds up to way more than I’ll spend on a game.

Great App- needs a new feature

I love this app and play it daily. I would love if there was a feature to be able to create your own workout.

Violent ads

I have enjoyed the free app for several years. Recently you have had to view an ad to replay a game. Tonight’s ad was 3D sniper assassin featuring someone holding an assault weapon to another person’s head. Good bye Peak. That is not the brain training I desire

This App is a must!! Totally worth it!!

This App is a must!! Totally worth it!!

Get this app!!!

I really recommend this app to anyone. I feel like I have better coordination and I even do better in school with playing this everyday. You have dozens of instructional games that you can play to improve your brain correlation. The app has you do a daily workout that you can pick the time and days that it notifies you to complete it. Your daily workout consists of 4 games that it chooses will help you. Get this app, it will help you out a lot!


I enjoy Peak and I am improving but it’s just to expensive to buy! I wish there was a cheaper monthly rate.

Love it!

I love the challenge!

Great app

I really enjoy playing with this app it has very nice games. I highly recommend it

Too much money

I have to pay

Ads are too long

The ads are too long.

Good brain game!

In the past, I have played this game which had more free games. Now it’s not as many unless you pay for the full access. However, they are still good to practice daily to improve your skills. I enjoy it and practice daily. This app indeed helps me to memorize things better! I give it a go to try.

90% love

I really enjoy this app, but some of the games are frustrating. I think a bigger screen is a must with this app.

Fun, stat friendly, tons of games

This is one of the best apps I e ever bought


Not all of the users are English native speakers.

Please fix tap trap

Tap trap game is EXTREMELY LAGGY on my iPhone X Please fix

You need to pay

The app is great, as long as you pay the outrageous amount of money for some pro version.

Challenge Accepted

Great for people who are super competitive. It’s definitely a healthy challenge mixed with some ego boosts. A lot of fun and different games.

The App is a Sham

The is app is definitely a ploy to trick people into buy the premium version. Ive had the free version for a few weeks now and even though I have improved to 90+ percentile for every game (even 100% for one of them) my perctiles in the performance stats have not changed once.

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