Peak - Brain Training 应用的评论


Decent Games that Get Harder

Some of the games are fun, and I like that they get harder as you improve. The streak tracker is pretty buggy which is frustrating as you need long streaks to level up, and even waiting till it registers your daily result doesn’t work 100% of the time. FYI, “perfect” games aren’t highlighted as a goal till your level makes it much harder to achieve, so do yourself a favor and focus on that early on even if there’s no goal yet or you might get stuck.

Fun, stat friendly, tons of games, I feel smarter

This is one of the best apps I ever bought, awesome for drinking games!

I’d give it more than 5 stars if I could!

I love this app! The games are lots of fun and very addicting! I have a traumatic brain injury so this is exactly the kind of therapy I need! I’ve only been playing for a week & I’m already seeing improvements :)

I lurv it

Yo... I love this app!! I ACTUALLY purchased an annual subscription which tbh is VERY unlike me but I use it every day and I wanted moooooreeeee. Highly recommend, can’t get enough! My coordination is trash but that’s a me problem THAT IM WORKING ON WITH PEAK!!


❤️❤️❤️❤️ Peak!! I have tried several brain apps and have found this one to be my favorite!!

Fun but

The games are fun except for face recognition. When it asks me if the man is wearing glasses and he’s CLEARLY wearing glasses I say yes and I get it wrong and it happens more than once in a game.

Misleading Ads

I know for a lot of you, this is probably not a big deal, but it drives me nuts when I see a puzzle game on social media and I want to try and play/solve it and then I download and it’s got a bunch of boring lame stuff. I don’t have the time or patience to try and find the game you advertised. Plus, you obviously know this is what people want to play, that’s why you use that to sell your crappy app. Ok, done ranting, deleting app.. ba bye!


This app does not appear to offer a better method to give feedback than this. I like the app fine. It does not recognize the word bool as a valid word. It is used in software programming and logic.

Fun but don’t trust the “science”

As someone who is pretty confident in her strengths and weaknesses I found it hilarious that my highest scores were in emotion and my lowest were in problem solving. I’m mildly autistic and have a successful career as a lawyer where I solve complex problems for a living. Every official test I’ve ever taken has ranked my language skills as low and my problem solving and special recognition as high, this app tells me the opposite so I can only assume there is some bunk science going in here. Most of the games are fun though.

They don’t respond to feedback

Most of the games are good, but there are a couple like Flame dodge and Jump Control that are a glitch fest and have been for years.


The games are interesting, but I feel that it’s not worth my time to jump through hoops in order to level each of them up to the point where they’re hard enough to feel like a mental exercise. I also don’t like how your overall score across all games artificially increases over time as you level up your games and thus unlock greater scoring potential.


Good games for people that are in the 40

No ability to report flaws, hence will no upgrade to pro version

A good set of games. I would upgrade to the Pro version, except that a couple of the Free Version games have flaws with no known means of correction. Unique occasionally shows screens with no unique shape; only option is to get it wrong and move on. Word Pairs will not work on my smartphone; tapping on the word clouds does nothing. Works fine on my tablet.

Don’t bother

There are tons of free games out there, don’t bother being tricked into downloading this. You get to place once and are expected to pay for a year long subscription to continue. Plus the games on the advertisement that led me to the app do not exist in the app. Typical scummy app developer practices.


Love these brain games! They are on par with Lumosity, if not a tad more fun! They change it up...they challenge you...Peak is at the top of the mountain of brain games!♥️


Challenging, engaging, varied, fun, informative. Extends your abilities & keeps adding new challenges.

Good but

After Using Peak for a while you get bored because no new games are added. On top of it you would like to improve your scores in certain areas, but there are areas like coordination or emotion were you have only three games, so it is difficult to improve the score or to train the brain which is ultimately the goal.


whoever made this is saving our planet

Great workout

This game is a perfect way to wake up in the morning and prepare yourself mentally for what they say brings.

Well then

It had me at first, the first four games was great and challenging I was ready to train my brain at 5:20 in the morning Monday-Friday then BOOM it hit $2.96 a month to train when I wanted to and not just at 5:20 in the morning Monday-Friday i wanna do it when I wanna its not fair

Fun way to pass time

I’m a stay at home mom and my brain has gone to mush. Started using this app approximately a month ago and am feeling a bit sharper now. Some games I don’t feel like there is enough instructions for me to understand exactly what I’m suppose to do, but that could just be my brain fog. I feel like I do pretty good on most especially considering I’m juggling a toddler, breast feeding and only using one hand. It makes the time go by quickly and I really do enjoy most of the games.

Great features

I love his game, it’s a quick everyday challenge to keep your brain working. I wish it was free, or that it would at least have some more features for those who choose not to pay... over all I think this game is worth checking out!

Family plan suckage

...cos adding people to my family plan is a pain in the neck! I paid for the family plan upgrade for up to 5 extra people, but the actual process to go about adding them is very user UNfriendly. Friend/family member has to set up a free account first, then let you know. Then you need their email address (presumably on their Apple ID etc -which may not be the email you'd have for them). Then plug their email address in on your end in the app to make them " ro"and then... It should add them? I don't actually know because i haven't gotten to this yet. For $34.99/year this should be waaaaay simpler.


I love the variety of games and areas of focus.

Just read⤵️

The games are fun and I like being able to analyze my data and seeing improvement. However, my only complaint is that it limits game play on the free version. If I could play the limited number of games the free version offers whenever I wanted I would improve a whole lot more, faster, than I am by getting to play one set of games a day.




Only problem is you have to pay or you can only play once a day for 1 workout

I like this game, but...

I play the free version, and it is a lot better than other similar games in that aspect. I do like the game. However, don’t include a pause button if it’s not going to do anything. I had to pause the Apprentice Wizard game, and I made sure to do it right after a round before they showed where the cards were in the new round. I hit resume and it was waiting for me to drag the cards to the correct spot. I wouldn’t normally do a review for something like this, but I saw no other way to submit a bug report that didn’t include social media.

Best brain game app

Hands down the best gaming app for your brain. Well made. Everything from the sound choices to the graphics. To the stats. Very user friendly. Amazing!!



Fun and Addicting

This app, especially the Pro version (worth the $$ - it’s for your brain!), has great variety of games and puzzles. Some become very addicting! I wish there were more coordination games, or that some of the games that are in other categories would be switched to coordination, because they definitely require some dexterity. I also love the word search game, but wish it counted toward your score (it’s in Beta mode). Long to short - Awesome! Can’t wait for NEW games/puzzles

So disappointed

I was so excited when I found out I could watch ad videos to play more games. Then I exited the app and came back, and this capability was no longer there. Every time I tried to open a game, I’d be prompted to upgrade. Not sure why this would happen.

Super fun, but.....

Lots of variety of games, lots of fun, seems to be helpful for training focus and memory, agility, coordination, etc. BUT (that’s a big but) the games are totally geared toward SPEED. I’m 59 so I’m not going to be as fast BUT I value accuracy over speed. Speed is important in some cases IRL but if you’re not accurate IRL you’re in trouble. There are “badges” for accuracy but you can’t move up levels without speed. I get bored with games before I reach the speed (if ever) to go up a level. I would totally benefit from the higher level, and crush it with accuracy, if I could get there. Let’s hear it for ACCURACY.

Changed to 5 stars

Have been on Peak Pro now for two years, and I'm very happy with it. The app has been expanded and improved (and perhaps I've gotten better at it). Great work!

Give me your money

This game is great let’s be real, I loved the first exercises when I first downloaded it. The problem is legit 98% of the games after that are “pro” and you HAVE to pay for. Pretty scummy I need to pay money to play fun metal testing games.... smh

Great tool for increasing cerebral capacity

Thank you for making this app. I am straight up addicted and I’ve seen some significant improvements in my cognitive ability after downloading and then upgrading to “pro.” I am above eighty one percent of my age group (18) and I am rising fast. I think that the only thing that is holding me back is my lack of fine-motor coordination, but my advancement in my cerebrum is absolutely astounding. I personally credit PEAK for catalyzing the improvement of my brain.

Very Frustrated

I got my husband to make an account too and turns out that my app set up with a DELETED Facebook account so we cannot connect on social. I deleted that account and now I cannot access my pro even though I cannot stop the payment until 2019.

Not a free game

I downloaded this app and discovered that you are allowed a play of four games but to play more it appears one must subscribe to the game to continue playing. I understand some apps are not free but at least be up front about it.

Crooks over charged me

I started playing and decided to subscribe i was given a choice 4.99 a month or 2.99 a year obviously i chose the 2.99 it did seem a bit odd but i closed the app an restarted it multiple times and it still gave me the same choices. so i paid the 2.99 and i expected the receipt soon and for it to show 2.99 but instead i was charged 30.99 i believe for the whole year. this is not correct and needs to be fixed ASAP! i would like my money back! if i would’ve know it was 30$ i would’ve said no cause it’s not worth it!

Gets old and freezes my phone

Really liked this for the first month, but than games/exercises became repetitive. Nothing new and hard to progress making me feel inadequate, oh but wait it’s just a game. I am intelligent. So my major issue is I’m paying for a subscription that freezes my phone repeatedly. And I can’t stop the subscription and it’s wreaking havoc on my phone. So going to file FCC and BBB complaints to stop my subscription. Don’t fall for this app.


only got it bc Selena Gomez said she uses it :))

Best Game Ever

It helped me with my everyday life! Because I use the tools that I use in the game and I am much successful in my personal and business life I would recommend this game to anyone any age!

Limited Access

Extremely limited access if you play for free. Fun games though.

Be wary!

I tried to purchase a single month’s subscription to test out the app, but they deceptively only let you purchase a full year. Requesting a refund is a huge hassle.

Needs more games

Really good just needs more content

Best brain train app

I love this... Use it everyday... Enjoy it...


why y’all act like u gon make me smart, then say I needa pay up to even play at all

Peak Pro

when i got the notification for the subscription, there was no way for me to get rid of the notification, so i clicked the monthly (about $3 a month) figuring it would take it out monthly, instead it took all $34 out at once. highly disappointed, and would like my money back.

Great game

An awesome game and great at increases you metal skills

Awesome !

I really enjoy this app. I need to brush up on my vocabulary skills that I seem to be losing with age. I hope it helps.

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