Peak - Brain Training App Reviews

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Really great app

The only thing is that most games (that you didnt play that day) arent free

Loved it but cant use it

I loved this app, regardless if it actually increased my brain performance. The games were fun, challenging, and left me wanting more. However, Ive noticed a flaw or two. First off, I selected to "workout" all aspects of the brain, which I believe is 6 categories on Peak: memory, problem solving, mental agility, emotion, focus, and coordination. I noticed that the workouts I was given focused a lot on only about 3-4 of them, even though I selected all. This causes my overall peak score to look unbalanced. I also noticed that it partially left out "emotion". One other flaw is when I try to compare my performance to others from different groups, it doesnt change based on my selection. With all this being said, I cant even use the app anymore after the new update. Every time I try to open it, it closes itself out. This is very frustrating !!

Love this app!!

I love this app! Its become a part of my morning routine. Best way to wake up my brain and start the day.

Bad update

So you took a great game and made it horribly worse! Please return to the old format.

Brain training

I love this app!!! I look forward to my training everyday and notice I am remembering things better since I started using this. Thank you!

Need peak

Very glad to have found this app. It is presented in a playful format that is not intimidating. I always feel good for having made the effort to keep playing(regardless of my score:-)


Its a shitty app. You cant do anything even by touching every sigle button on the first page. Very dissapoint!!

Great game!

I especially like the word games because I feel like Im more improved and being able to compare with friends has a good competitive edge

Love this app

I highly recommend this app.

Great brain workout.

Cant say for sure if the workouts help develop cognitive functions but I have notice improvement in the games. This app has amazing variety of games and some are my favorite pass time. Great design, good games, involving, challenging, 5 stars from me.

Love this app!!

I love the quick daily brain breaks!!

Challenging and fun

Great set of games. I like you get to do them over and over each day. As simple as some of them are mastering them is not easy at all. Relaxing and gets my full focus. Thank you !!

Good game

Really good game to improve brain skills

Highly Recommended

I love this app. It is so much fun! Once you do your daily brain workout, you can play the games again. I love to compete with my friends. This app is also free, which really surprised me. I highly recommend this app for anyone who wants to become more mentally fit, or if you just want to have some fun!

This is awful. Dont download it. Nothing unless you buy their apps.

So Peak is just a shell of a thing. Nothing I tapped on downloaded. I couldnt do anything on it. Good thing its free, I suppose...easy to delete.

So much fun, but too expensive.

This game is a lot of fun! The games I enjoy though are locked the majority of the time, and the pro is WAY too expensive. If they made it to where you just pay a few buck to have the pro version forever, theyd have happier people. $80 for a lifetime is FAT too expensive.

Great challenging games

I genuinely feel my memory & language skills improving. The games are varied to keep me interested and I like being able to compare my scores to others. The app is well thought out, easy to use and I use it every single day.


Having suffered from an illness and needing something to help me regain my mental focus Peak has proven to be a massive success for me. I cant say enough about the ease of use and the extraordinary benefits of using it daily.

love the app!

great content & overall program, easy to navigate and interpret


Outstanding! Addictive. Driven to see your brain map expanding. Oh, fun and competitive, too.

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