Peak - Brain Training App Reviews

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Good game

Really good game to improve brain skills


Macht richtig Spaß

Great Game

It is wonderful game, but unfortunately the price is too high and unrealistic. If sometimes in the future it will cost less and reasoneble I would rate it higher. But now I am rating it as 3 stars

Fun and stimulating game!

Perfect brain-stimulation on my commute to work. Super fun and great that you can track your progress.


Its WAY too expensive, so I can only use the free version which I hope will stay free for a while. Some of the language games are very unusual. No idea how e.g. "baffle" and "deceive" are similar in meaning? And there are a couple of those pairs.

Love it! But yet, I dont.

It is a super fun app, I love going on it everyday, but, in my week checker thing, it says I have incomplete days. Which is incorrect. I do this everyday, heck, I put it in my calendar! This is a ripple effect, which makes my brain in a nutshell go down too. Please fix! I love it, and Ill give a full five stars if it is fixed!

Interesting and challenging

Interesting concept, daily short games to train the brain. I wonder about peer reviewed research that proves actual benefits from this approach.

I really like this!

Its a great app. I wish there were some details about how the mental improvement can be gauged, but I may have just not come across it yet. Very well-made!

New update

Ever since I updated to the newer version the app keeps glitching. It says that I have already reached my goal for the day. Yet I havent played a single game yet

Not as you think

Peaks is really good and fun but like lumosity and others there is an option to upgrade so yah

Best app by far

This app has really helped me! I was in a car accident and have had any problems with memory and what not ever since. This app helps with everything from memory to focus and coordination!! I cant believe the progress Ive made from the help of this app!!

Great app

Love the app lots of fun free version is great pro seems inexpensive

Improvement needed

Nice and all, but peak always gave me games for areas in already strong at instead of giving me games to improve my weak points. Would also love it if at least one free pro game was accessible as part of the daily workout

Nice, little bug tough!

When playing babble bots you cant press send. So, cant play that game till it fix. Everything else is real good.


This app is epic!!!

Great fun

Very entertaining! Fast paced! I enjoy it and challenging myself!


I love this app its so much fun which makes learning more fun for me

Good but...

This game is a great way to keep you entertained and have some fun. The only problem is you get like 5 games and have to buy all the games if you want they. Which I get the company needs the money but do you really need to charge money for almost all the games.


Very beneficial

Great for training

I love this its helping me train my brain

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